Will.I.Am Dial

Intergrated product launch for new wearable device from I.am+ the startup from Will.I.Am. ThreeUk improves it's online e-commerce user experience and gets a fresh approach to internal business collabrations


Introducing a wearable to challenge the status quo of the tech world



Three & i.am+

Three's commitment to making things right in the mobile industry made it the perfect partner for will.i.am and his i.am+ vision to set people free from constraints imposed by today's technology.

Three's e-commerce challenges

• Customers confused by checkout process
• Falling device sales
• Fewer contracts being taken up
• Failing to serve growing mobile traffic

• Low conversion rates from mobile
• Challenging internal commuications

Dail from i.am+

• Unique first untethered wearable
• Personal Assistant AneedA
• Millions of tracks at no extra cost
• Independant digital team funded
• Chance to revisit Three's e-commerce
Opportunity to improve internal comms

What are the best practices?

How are the market leaders selling their products, providing marketing information, using responsive design and converting mobile traffic?



Three staged product delivery

Internal stakeholders & external agencys where involved, including marketing, publicity, social, comms, promotional teams, the start up, i.am+ along with the advertising agency Wieden & Kennedy

Sharing the solution plans & keeping the commuication tight across the teams enable requirements to be feed in early, providing opportunity for iteration which empowered a delivery that serviced the business as well as the customer



Using cues from leading competitors?

We designed an architecture to provide a clear concise product overview for the customer with an additional more detailed section focused on acquisition which included specifications and ordering functionality



Introduction the concept

Dial's products introductory page announced it's creator and the collobration with Three exclusively. Here customer could find product overview, key features, advertising campaigns, social sites and positive press


Improving Three's e-commerce experience

Simplification with focused content was a common theme for wearable industry leaders. With a mobile first approach we developed an e-commerce experience which would standup against these market leaders


Simplification & reduction of content

Mobile first empowered simplification of product content and focused stakeholders with ideal requirements for product details which worked for Three's customers 


Mobile first approach

With content hierarchy, feature functionality, visual design all improved the usability of the ThreeUK e-commerce experience


Validation of e-commerce improvements

Through the aid of user testing we were able to confirm the required content for customers to fulfil an acquisition



Close collaboration to ensure optimal delivery

Working closely with sitebuilders, the team tasked with managing the CMS system. We were able to achieve one of the most successful launch implementations for the business



Free launch event to help promote his new wearable

Will I am pulled together an incredible free event to help launch Dial. Open to selected lucky ThreeUK customers, he used his industry connections to provide an incredible amount of additional publicity & press to help push his startups new wearable device.



Understanding his customers

Clearly Will knows his fan base and he knew not only how to engage with them but where and what would impress them


Summary of improvements

With the implementation of this unique product release for Will.I.Am's new wearable device. The product team at Three were able to make some huge improvements to their e-commerce user experience.

Improved Integration

• Throughout the business with internal senior stakeholders
• A number of external agencies, such as Wieden & Kennedy
• Collaboration with the products startup company i.am+
• Management of internal development teams
• External PR and Social agencies

Improved E-Commerce Experience

• Mobile first experience
• Improved component interface design
• Improved product storytelling
• Streamlined product feature list to be user-focused
• Site integration with TV advertising launches and release


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