Reducing the account opening process down to 10 minutes from 2 weeks. Now present in over 250+ branches across the UK


Bringing an online account opening experience into high street bank branches


What was the current in branch customer experience for the retail bank at that time?

With a total of 900,000 current accounts opened that year.
How was this happening and where were the issues?

97% of accounts opened in-branch
• 1-2 weeks time for an appointment
• Old systems, To Many data points
• Each appointment = 40-60 minutes
• Awkward cross-selling
• 60% staff time opening accounts

What were the key problems?

How was the account opening process working for the business and its customer?

For the customer

• Not at consumers convenience
• Long waiting times 
• Long appointment durations
• Second appointments required
• Unclear customer questions
• Inefficient data entry
• Cross-selling unwanted by 60%
• Irrelevant questions

For the business

• High costs to open accounts
• Most accounts opened inbranch 
• Extra staff required for demand
• Slow application processing
• Difficult to support non-UK nationals
• Customer loss to competitors
• 87% drop off online 

Image of Mobile and iPad Responsive Form DesignsImage of Mobile and iPad Responsive Form Designs


Starting with the successful online responsive form experience design

Using the successful implementation of the institution's responsive forms and the intuitive nature of the user experience, the financial services provider decided to use this solution as the basis for developing an in-branch experience via iPads.

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Responsive Form Designs for Retail Bank's Account Opening ProgrammeResponsive Form Designs for Retail Bank's Account Opening Programme


Bespoke solution for the iPad experience

Introduction of a clearer progression tracker for customers to understand exactly where they are within their account opening process

Sample iPad screen for Retail Bank's Account Opening FormsSample iPad screen for Retail Bank's Account Opening Forms


Testing prototypes with customers

Several rounds of user testing with staff and customers in London's Clapham Junction branch was completed

Retail Bank In Branch User TestingRetail Bank In Branch User Testing


Bespoke component library additions

We decided to add some additional bespoke iPad modules to the account opening library of components to further improve the customers experience

Additional Interface Components Added to Responsive Component LibraryAdditional Interface Components Added to Responsive Component Library
iPad In-Branch Account Opening User ExperienceiPad In-Branch Account Opening User Experience

Summary of the results of MVP in-branch iPad experience

The initial phase of the in-branch iPad account opening experience was so successful that role out of the solution to 300+ branches was agreed as part of the programme

• Reduction from 40 to 10 minutes for the account opening process in-branch
• Account openings now available for walk-in customers
• Reduced waiting time for scheduled appointments
Increased awareness of additional products; ISA, Mortgages, Insurance etc

Simplification of the process of account opening
Freed up Personal Bankers time

Retail Banking User Experience iPad ApplicationRetail Banking User Experience iPad Application

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